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Cine 60 BLOQ
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Cine 60 has developed a new battery with V-Mount Adapter: BLOQ.

It was our goal to create a battery that matches the increased power needs of modern digital camcorders. This strength is not easily realised with common Li-Ion technology. Also, we wanted to reduce charging time - to match the needs of everyday's work.

So we decided to use Lithim Iron Phosphatecells. They offer a few crucial advantages:

  • High charge and discharge current: makes them extremely fast chargeable and offers very high capacity
  • High security: no separation of oxygen - thus not thermal runaway possible
  • Long lifespan: more than 1.000 charge- and discharge-cycles possible



The cell packs have passed the tests that are requested by the IATA for transporting the batteries on airplanes (Part III, Sub-Section 38.3 of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria). So you can take the BLOQs along wherever you go.


Our protection electronics saves the batteries from shorts and overstraining. In case there is a short detected, the battery is switched off withing a few milliseconds. You can switch it back on without any help: just shake it a little. If there is pulled more than 11.5A the battery is also switched off. This is not so much to save the cells, the could handle more, but the V-Mount contacts are not made for this kind of load.


Also, the protection board logs important data to judge how the batterie was treated. The amount of shorts (together with the date of occurence), highest and lowest temperature and of course the count of charging cycles are stored within the battery. With a Windows-software this data can be downloaded and stored to a computer.


More details will be made available soon - so please come back or call us for further information.

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