Orbit Micro Portable Camera Dolly

Orbit Micro Portable Camera Dolly
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831,25  Incl. VAT
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The Digital Juice Orbit Micro is a fun, compact portable dolly system for video-capable cameras that allows you to capture smooth professional low-angle or tabletop tracking shots on any smooth surface -- without the hassle of larger, more expensive equipment. This sturdy affordable dolly option is easy to set up and use for both straight and curved dolly action shots. Its two axles, each with two inline skate-type wheels, can be adjusted with a quick turn of the ergonomic screw knob on each side of the base plate so that the wheels glide smoothly in a straight line, or in a tight or gradual arc up to 360 degrees. The compact 6 5/8" x 2 3/8" aluminum baseplate contains three 1/4"-20 threaded holes where you can mount your camera or ball head/camera combination as well as any compatible accessory needed such as articulating arms, portable lights, viewfinders and monitors.

Put your smart phone, small camcorder, point and shoot, micro 4/3 or full DSLR camera to work in a whole new way and add motion to your usual static shots -- without the jitter and shake of a handheld camera. The Orbit Micro allows you to shoot from new perspectives, letting you experiment with low angles, close-up tabletop work or stop motion animations, or simply giving you that stable tracking shot you need in situations where traditional tracks and dollies won't fit or are too heavy and expensive to use.



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