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State Automation INCAND-Air 200

State Automation INCAND-Air 200
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INCAND-AIR 200 is a high power LED based downlight system designed to replace 575W Incandescent and Par64 luminaires. It can achieve outstanding, totally smooth dimming performance from 100% to black.

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Product Features

  • AIR- Adaptive Interactive Resolution provides intimate and accurate control of the light output from the LEDs thus ensuring smooth dim-ming performance over the entire dimming range.
  • Multiple control modes including adaptive resolution dimming of indi-vidual colours channels for full control of custom colours and fades
  • Incandescent Mode Replicates the colour temperature shift that is characteristic of Halogen lamps when dimmed
  • Local thermal fold-back
  • Effective, considered thermal management for LED longevity and reliability
  • Resistant to power fluctuations
  • Perfectly smooth dimming from 100% to Black
  • C E and C-Tick compliant
  • Temperature and fault monitoring feedback
  • Digital AIR dimming ensures all luminaires across the installation fade to black smoothly, at the same time.


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