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Vinten150 mm Bowl Pozi-Loc Tripods

Vinten150 mm Bowl Pozi-Loc Tripods
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Varenummer: 3881-3 Two-Stage Carbon Fibre EFP 5
Leveringstid: 14 dage
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150 mm bowl EFP tripods are designed to offer maximum stability and robustness and are ideal for demanding field and studio applications where a longer lens and heavier viewfinder are used.

The Pozi-Loc cam-operated clamping system requires low effort with a 90° turn from on to off, providing the user with a positive indication that the tripod is securely locked. The profile of the knob ensures that camera cables cannot snag.

The 'Baby Legs' tripod is a low-level version, with a minimum height of 28 cm (11 in.) which makes even lower shots possible.

  • Pozi-Loc clamps
  • Mid-level spreader available

Also available as part of a systems package


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