Manfrotto Avenger Eye Coupler MP Twin, 360° 42-52 mm/1.65-2.04 in Ø

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The Avenger C4482 Swivel MP Eye Coupler is made from 2 connected couplers that are free to rotate 360°.
Designed for quick and easy connecting of trusses, bars or pipes. This swivel coupler is capable of clamping diameters ranging from 42 mm(1.65””) to 52 mm(2.04””) and each coupler is 50 mm(1.96””) wide.

Recommended Accessories: E390, C155, C460-1, C461-1, C463-1, C4460-1, C464-1, E200, C4465-1, C464-1

  • Joined twin MP couplers free to swivel a full 360° radius
  • Jaws clamp down on pipes ranging from 42-52 mm/1.65-2.04
  • Easily connect trusses, bars or pipes
  • Made from aluminium in a silver finish
  • Wing nut tightening to secure both swivel couplers in place



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