Creamsource Micro Bender High CRI Pro Kit (V-Lock)

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Micro Bender Specs

Head Weight / 7lb kg / 8.8lb

Dimensions 223 x 207 x 105mm / 8.7? x 8.1? x 4.1? 300 x 331 x 105mm / 11.8? x 13.0? x 4.1?

Protection Class IP65

Beam Angle naked 13?

Maximum Ambient Temperature 40?C


The Micro Bender features a rugged and weather proof design, with an IP65 rating which means it can be used in all weather conditions.

The Bi-Colour fixture can be discretely tucked away in a corner or rigged on a car rig for action scenes.

The applications are endless for the Micro Bender.


The Micro Bender is colour temperature adjustable from 2700 to 6500K and a CRI/TLCI of greater than 90. Drawing only 80W, it rivals the light output and punch typical of some 200W HMI Luminaires.

Unlike most bi-colour fixtures, the Micro maintains constant power output across the whole CCT range, so users always get the unit?s full potential.

The 13? spot beam angle gives the Micro Bender all the punch you could hope for.



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