Desisti F10HP Vari-White

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White light, with Tunable Correlated Color Temperature
from 2.800 to 6.600°K

LED Fresnel Spotlight 330W Vari-White – CRI>95


F10HP Vari-White Features

// Continuous light output at any dimming level. Flicker free up to 40,000 fps. We power our LED array via DC Current rather than PWM technology used by our competitors
// DC current rather than PWM technology used by our competitors
// Same characteristics as a traditional Fresnel: single shadows, spot/flood focus range and exceptional barndoor control
// CRI and TLCI greater than 96 with no shift in color temperature when dimming

// High efficiency self stabilizing silent active cooling: Automatic, thermal stabilization of the LED operating temperature is managed by an internal thermal sensor and CPU, variable speed fans and heat sink to maintain the LED Array’s constant temperature at a maximum of 65°C / 149°F. The hydro dynamic bearing fan operates silently with a very low RPM
// Interchangeable accessories with our conventional range of Tungsten and HMI Fresnels
// All De Sisti Fresnel Series utilize a ne w Universal Voltage and “Power Factor Corrected”
// Power Supply (PF=0.96)





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