Sachtler Pedestal Vario Ped 2-75

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Sachtler Pedestal Vario Ped 2-75 with Steering Wheel,Dolly Vario Ped, Flat Base Mount and Manual Pump

The functions of the Vario Ped 2-75 are perfectly matched to the requirements of studio and OB daily life. The Crab & Steer function makes the pedestal versatile, easy to use, soft and the precise “on-air” runs are naturally. The pedestal can be dismantled into dolly, column and handwheel for easy transportation and the Quickfix connection allows the rapid assembly of the fluid head.

Quick fix mount; features 2-stage 77 cm / 30.3 in air columns; compatible fluid heads: Video 90 (without adapter); Video 25 Plus FB, Video 60/75 Plus Studio with adapter 3914

Range   Studio
Clearance 920 mm
Height 0.66 to 1.43 m
Head fitting Flat base with quick fix
On shot stroke 770 mm
Payload 75 kg
Weight 55 kg
Steering Dolly,Steering, Crab Mode,Steer mode

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