Vinten Osprey Lite Pedestal

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Portable and Lightweight 2-Stage pedestal with perfectly balanced stage for ‘on shot’ movement in studios. Payload up to 35kg / 77lb

The Osprey lite is a lightweight, compact pedestal. It has 2 stages for acheiving very high and low shots, and the upper stage is perfectly balanced for on shot tracking of talent. It has an integral manual pump and an inlet valve for use with an external supply, making Perfect Balance easy to achieve. In addition, the Osprey lite pedestal includes a pressure gauge for clear and reliable set-up and the detachable skid allows the pedestal to be simply broken down into two sections for easy storage and transportation. The Osprey Lite pedestal comes with track locks and adjustable cable guards for studio use.

Key features


  • Detachable skid for easy transport and storage
  • Built in pressure gauge and manual pump for easy set-up
  • Perfect balance & adjustable second stage for wide operating range
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Column can be adapted to work on dolly  track

Osprey - Specification Sheet


EU - Declaration of Conformity For V4169 - ENG.pdf


Vinten Osprey Lite - One Sheet.pdf


V4169-0001 Osprey Lite User Guide.pdf


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